Gym in a bag! Get a work-out wherever you go! We received our first TRX suspension trainer 8 years ago, sent to us by a very good friend, who knew we had just set up a new fitness business in Australia and thought this piece of kit was the ‘best thing ever’

After our first workout, we knew we were onto something pretty special, so we bought 12 TRXs and started what was probably Australia’s first Suspension Training class back in June 2007.  We’ve used them ever since, trained well over 2,000 people, bored thousands more with how amazing they are and wrote a suspension fitness course for instructors and created a DVD! Yes we love TRX!  If you want to work-out anywhere, anytime and get an effective full body workout, then we recommend suspension training.  Best investment you will ever make. Click here for more.

‘Best ever’ alert: Suspension training workout we love: 5 Back Rows (as steep as you can); 10 Knees to chest (with or without a push-up); 15 squat jumps (or normal squats).  That is 1 set.  Do as many sets as you can in 20 mins.