We are running our first 'outback' Suspension Training Course this Sunday in Alice Springs at the local YMCA.  There is not suspension training in Alice at the moment, so the 10 instructors who are doing the course are going to be introducing the local fitness community to a great new workout, when they get over their initial soreness after Sunday's workout!

It's been a while since our last course, so we put some time in on the straps and tried out some good Tabata combos for using on the TRX. We've loved our High Intensity Training Sessions on the road and we think they work great with bodyweight, skipping, biking, running and also with a TRX.

We found the perfect spot for hanging the straps at the local caravan park outside our cabin! They have a purpose built outdoor fitness area (in the brochure it's called the entertainment area), which is great for skipping, TRX, yoga, bodyweight stuff etc. We think they should mention this in their future marketing materials :) 

Here's the combos we used: 

Warm-up: Tabata Skipping 20 secs fast/10 secs slow 

Tabata combo 1: Jump squats and ice skaters (4 sets of each, alternating between them)

Tabata combo 2: Mountain Climbers (on straight arms) and pendulum (on elbows)

Tabata combo 3: Chest press x 2; Half muscle up using Right leg/Half muscle up using Left leg; Chest press x 2; Half muscle up Rleg/Half muscle up using Lleg 

Tabata combo 4: Front Squat and Overhead Squat 

Tabata combo 5: Front plank/Side plank right/Front plank/ Side plank left; Front plank/Side plank Right/Front plank/Side plank left

In the video I am performing the exercises for 15 secs on and 10 secs off.  

True Tabata is 20 secs of work and 10 secs of rest for 4 mins (8 rounds of the same exercise).  We live to use two types of exercises when we do Tabata on the TRX (more muscle groups and less repetition) 

Add the Tabata skipping or sprints between each 4 min Tabata set! We have min 90 secs rest between sets.