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pumpkin bread 2 -1
smoothie with bee pollen
pickled carrot
overnight oats-1
miso mushrooms
trx bicep curl


Can you RESET your gut, your cravings, your mood, your energy and feel amazing in just TWO WEEKS? The answer is YES, and many of our clients have done just that with our two-week RESET.  

It’s an opportunity to shift your priorities to your lifestyle: what you eat, drink and when! 

Some of you have already completed our 30-day challenge, where we dig-deep and spend a month immersed in eating healthy food and adding loads of different things to our month; from 10,000 steps a day to cold showers and breathwork, plus fasting and detox days. 

This challenge is slightly different in that we are fasting for two weeks, and we are eating a low-carb diet. We’ve set this up in a way that eases you into the program, so you won’t feel too restricted, hungry, or cranky. We want you to enjoy the process, but it will be challenging at times. 

For the next two weeks, this is a guided process – you will be given a 7-day meal plan for each week and recipes, plus a fasting schedule. We also include a detox day, daily emails and online workouts, breathwork and yoga.  

Lose weight, learn about new eating patterns, clean up your gut and RESET your lifestyle…in just two weeks.  

We run the RESET twice a year.  

Cost: £85pp

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