The Healthy Chef


Teresa Cutter, the women behind this website is a Personal Trainer and chef.  To say she changed our lives, is maybe a bit dramatic, but she changed our meals and thus changed how we felt!  At about the same time as we read Sweet Poison by David Gillespie (‘Best ever’ alert), we found Teresa Cutter and her website.  We were on the lookout for healthy sugar free treats/snacks and meals and began living off her free online recipes.    

The reason we love her so much and continue to rave about her is that all the recipes are so easy to make, they’ve never failed us once and always taste amazing.  We have WOWED every person we’ve ever cooked a ‘healthychef’ meal for. 

The recipes do not contain any processed sugar, only honey, dates or brown rice syrup.  She gives gluten free options and diary free options most of the time and prefers to cook and bake with seasonal produce. 

Best ever’ alert:  Steamed-white-fish-in-ginger-turmeric! Click here for the recipe.