‘Old school’ circuit training is back in fashion, and taking Australia by storm!

F45 Training, an Australian fitness franchise, is the fastest growing fitness business in the country.

Pushing a sledge


We’ve been meaning to check out F45 for some-time and now that we are on the road, we have the opportunity.  It’s a new chain of gyms, which are owned and operated independently, but run through a franchise system.  They’ve been popping up in towns and cities across Australia during the last two years and offer a range of circuit style classes for local fitness fanatics. 

F45 Skipping

We love a good circuit class – probably our favourite way to train, and we’ve been doing circuit-style workouts for the last 20 years, sometimes with equipment and often without.  Either way, you always achieve a great workout. 

F45 Rip 60

We visited the F45 training centre in Scarborough, WA, and met the owner Tom, who has been in business for 3 months.  He’s equipped with a lot of ‘toys’, a big timer on the wall, plasma screens showcasing each workout exercise & how to perform it, and a pumping sound track.  The class we attended was called ‘Athletica’; there are five different types of classes to choose from and ours was focused on cardio.  Each class runs for 45 minutes in total. You arrive at 5.30pm and it’s all over by 615pm. They offer 5 classes per day. 

The warm-up was a five minute Tabata style warm-up: 20 secs of exercises, 10 secs of jogging on the spot.  After the warm-up, we received a quick run through of the session and how it works and then we were off!

F45 training

This is what we did:

There were around 20 people in the class and we were split into groups of 2 or 3.  Jack and I joined another young fella, who kept us honest (he does 4 sessions a week and was staying on for the next class at 630pm – oh to be 25 again!).

Each group picked a station to start at and each station had 3 exercises. You perform each exercise for 40 secs and then rest for 20 secs (actually the rest was when you got yourself into position for the next exercise!). Once you had performed all 3 exercises, you repeated the same 3 exercises again (40 on and 20 off) starting with the first one. After completing 2 rounds of the 3 exercises, you had around 90 secs of recovery and then moved to the next circuit of 3 exercises. 

Circuit 1

Sandbags (clean, press, and squat); Concept Rower (Resistance 10); Pushing sledges (15 metre track)

Circuit 2

Burpees with a box jump; Squat jumps with a weighted hammer (press hammer up as you jump); Wood chop with a medicine ball (7kg)

Circuit 3

Skipping; Spin bikes; Battle Ropes

All done!  We found the battle ropes and pushing the sledges the hardest – funny that! If you work hard, it’s a great workout, testing your cardio fitness and your strength. Only ‘downer’ for us,  was  there were no stretches at the end, or a cool down!

Scarborough beach