What made you come along to your first visit at HEAT FITNESS? Also, was this your first ever yoga experience?

I heard about the hot yoga classes through a friend and combined that with reading the promotional advertising leaflet. I’m always interested in new concepts in fitness and lifestyle activities so I couldn’t resist coming along to try it for myself. Previously, I had attended a six week introduction to yoga course about 10 years ago.

What made you come back for more? 

I enjoy pushing myself and found out you can push yourself in a hot yoga class – it’s a cardio class with a stretching component.  I had always assumed yoga was easy and for people who don’t like vigorous sports, but found out it’s not the case- yoga actually complements every sport and transcends all ages too.

How was your first hot yoga session? 

I came out feeling fulfilled, uplifted and contented – I was pretty much hooked straight away.  Every subsequent session has been exactly the same. It was a lot to take in at first: the heat, the breathing, listening to the words and trying to following examples of those around you.

I couldn’t believe there were so many different classes, with different techniques and at all times of the day. To have access to such personal instruction and yoga teachers was fantastic.

Have you seen a difference since you started doing yoga? for e.g. more flexibility?

For me it removes muscle stiffness and loosens up all my joints. I wake up and smile on the mornings after Hot Yoga because my body is thankful for the experience. It gives me a super-stretch all over my body, from the head to the toes. It’s like having a yoga workout with a free chiropractor, physio, osteopath and massage therapist thrown in .!

You've tried everything at Heat, from Power yoga, to hot core, to TRX, and YIN Yoga. What is your favourite session? 

Hot Core, I’ve been looking for such a class all my life. You get a variety of easy, medium and hard exercises, with rest breaks, but still sweat buckets due to the heat and although there is no competition, everyone strives for excellence. The high level of fitness, which is evident in the class, is testament to the instructors.  I also enjoy Power Yoga and indeed each and every session on offer has amazing potential to “pull out all the stops “!

What are the benefits to you personally for coming to HEAT on a regular basis? for e.g. great for stress, helps with other sports, injury prevention etc.? 

There is calmness about the place, a peacefulness from the people and a warm ambiance that comes from the sum total of all the combined members in the class, plus the instructors. The well-being and good Karma is divided out equally, which naturally places you in a positive mental state, keeps you alert to what’s happening inside the studio but switches you off to the outside world. It doesn’t actually become easier the more often you attend, instead you constantly look to improve your postures, your balance and try for deeper stretches and better control of your breathing. 

What is your age, occupation and what other sports/hobbies do you have?

I was born in 1968 ….so…..40? 

I am Technical Services Manager for Bomag in Scotland  and I do still-water rowing and running. Yoga is a perfect contrast to both.

Do you think you'll be doing yoga for the rest of your life?

I have every faith I will keep doing yoga as there are such amazing benefits to all aspects of your life.

It has the unique ability to rejuvenate you whether you go in full of energy or completely depleted after a tough day. If it’s a yoga day for me, I count my blessings!

Would you recommend HEAT to others and why? 

Of course! The instructors are the best, the members are the best, there is a positive atmosphere, the relaxation before the class and afterwards is great for inducing mindfulness; my body enjoys the heat, and the variations in styles-  from Power to Yin – means there is something for everyone .  

“Namaste” & many thanks, John D!