Every month in our newsletter, we feature a 'member/s of the month', people who have been practising hot yoga/hot core and/or trx at our studio for longer than six months. We love to ask them why they came along for the first time and what are the benefits they've received from their time at HEAT. Everyone has a different journey to the Hot Box and it's so interesting to hear from others why they started a hot yoga practice and more importantly why they are still doing it! 

Here is John and Tracey's story. They started practising hot yoga with us nearly two years ago, in fact today is Tracy's 2 year anniversary of her first yoga class. John started two days later on the 25th of January, 2107. John has done 256 classes since his first visit, mostly hot yoga, but some TRX and Hot Core in there too, 136 of those classes were 90 min yoga sessions. Tracy has racked up 287 classes, a real mix of hot yoga, trx and hot core. Well done to you both! 

John and tracy

What made you come along to your first hot yoga class? (Shared answers by John)

Tracy has been a strong yogi for many years and has tried over the years to get me to come along with her, but I was not keen to do something slow…… after many years of swimming, biking and running. But when Hot Yoga came to town, then I decided to join Tracy in the Hot Box and give it a go. We both run together but now we can reap the benefits of Heat Fitness together.

How was your first class?

Tracy went along to HEAT when it first opened, and shortly afterwards I came along. I went straight to the back of the Hot Box, and fell out of every posture, wiping the sweat constantly! I felt so awkward and out of my comfort zone, but Jules, who was teaching, and Tracy in front of me, kept me focused…… thankfully the guy next to me sweated just as much and his mat was dripping too. I thought this is a sign of a solid performance…how wrong was I!

What made you come back?

I loved the feeling of working my body in a way it has never worked before. Tracey really enjoyed yoga in the heat and we both signed up for the ‘20 day intro trial’. I can honestly say I have never looked back and I’m getting better at the postures. I can now stand next to Tracy at the front….only because my eyesight is so poor I need the mirrors, not because I’m getting better than Tracy! I still sweat just as much, so apologies to those around me if I drip on you! :) 

Yang to Yin

What are your favourite classes?

Tracy loves Jack's and Craig's TRX….she really works hard during these sessions and is pushed to reach her potential during classes. She loves the structure and good direction. I’m still hooked on the yoga side and spend most of my sessions in the hot box.

We both love the Hot Core, it’s such a quality workout for the Core, something I felt was strong in both of us, well we realised it’s not as good as we thought! The Hot Core sessions give you a full body workshop and huge functional benefits.  

My rugby knee injury is no longer there……or is it that I'm trying so hard to balance in the postures I do not feel it? No, the yoga has done wonders for my knee, back and all my joints.

Susan hip drop

Does it make a difference in your everyday life?

Tracy and I are both positive people and the hot box, Hot Core and TRX sessions just add to our feeling of well-being. We also like being around like- minded people. We enjoy going into the hot box; a quiet, warm zone to switch off. It’s nice to get there early so you can set your thoughts and focus. I love this time to switch off from the world… and then sweat and drip with others ;) 

What are your occupations and ages?

Tracy is a self-employed Beauty Therapist (and full time cook for me 🙂 ) and I’m a semi- retired PE Teacher. We were both born in 1961!!!

What are your hobbies outside of the hot box?

Tracy and I love to run together with our dog Lexie. Tracy loves to cook, when she is not running after me and I still enjoy the three disciplines of my past triathlon days. When we are not training we love to work together in the garden or should I say Tracy works… I rehydrate…… then do some work…. then hydrate……. and so on 😉

Would you recommend Heat and why?

I would shout from the highest building to all to come along and try HEAT FITNESS, like me, you will never know if it is for you unless you turn up at the door. Anyone can talk the talk, but you must also walk the walk, to be complete!