Member of the Month: Julia McAfee

Julia henderson


Julia walked into our studio on the 9th of March, 2017 (to be exact!) and since then has visited us 416 times! Time flies when you busy with life and before you know it, you done over two years of yoga! Julia has tried it all, from Hot 26 Express to TRX and 90 min HOT FG to Power Yoga, plus attended posture clinics. Julia is an avid runner, loves to keep fit and has a busy career. She shares more about her yoga journey below: 

What brought you along to HEAT for your first visit and how was it? 

I was new to the area, having not long met my now husband, and interested to try another fitness class; I've done most over the years, going back to the 1990's craze for high impact and step aerobics. I remember I was buzzing after my first hot yoga class – I instantly knew it was for me!

Did you do yoga before you came along to HEAT? 

I had done yoga but it was not my favourite class since it didn't make me sweat nor satisfy the cardio junkie in me!

What is your occupation and hobbies? 

My first love is running but I also enjoy swimming (especially open water). I also enjoy our garden.

What are the benefits, both physically and possible mentally, that you get from the hot box?

I've had years of injuries which have hampered and sometimes stopped me running for long periods – an operation to reattach my left hamstring about 5 years ago followed by 2 operations for neuromas in my foot 2 years ago. I've been trying to get back to running fitness and I think yoga has helped (mentally and physically) – both when I have been unable to run and as part of my rehab but also now as part of my training regime to keep me running. I ran cross country again last winter for the first time in 5 years and that made me very happy! 

I have a fairly stressful job at times and I always walk out of the hot box feeling great; you never, ever regret doing a class!

You've tried TRX and participated in workshops, were these of benefit to you and why? 

Workshops are always helpful; there is invariably a light bulb moment when you learn something about a pose that changes it for you for the better.

I know I should probably do more TRX but….

Would you recommend HEAT to others and why? 

I'd highly recommend HEAT. My husband now comes; it was a slow burn but after watching me loving it for 2 years he gave it a go and we now have a family yoga pass.