Meditate with Headspace


Headspace is an app for meditation.  There is now so much scientific research out there now (and it’s real science, not funded by people who want to make money out of you meditating!) about how meditation can help you become calmer, more focused, more tolerant, patient and in control of your emotions.

If you are like us and sitting still for even 2 mins doing absolutely nothing sounds like torture, then you need some guidance and this app is for you.  Sign up for 10 free 10 min sessions and get hooked on ‘Andy’, your mediation guru, who talks you through each session.  You can continue to replay the 10 free sessions or sign up (this will cost you) for a month or a year.  We can be found meditating in the car, at the beach, in a traffic jam, on the train, anywhere!  Just plug in for 10 minutes.  

Apparently 11 hours (not all at once) of meditating showed structural changes in the part of the brain which looks after focus and self-control.  This is great news if you are trying a new health or exercise regime, embarking on a 30 day challenge or need focus. 

Click here to get the app.


‘Best ever’ alert: the first time 10 mins feels like 10 secs and you don’t want it to end J