Leaving on a jet plane, don’t know when we’ll be back again…

Time has run out and we are leaving Australia today….& we won’t be back for a while (unless we win UK Lotto :)!).  We are heading to the Hawaii, the West Coast of America, Canada, Iceland and finally London, before relocating to Scotland. We’ll be back for Christmas and New Year, with family and friends, our first in 10 years. 


When I lived in Scotland, I used to have a tradition where I would drag my family and friends on a morning run through a national park, come rain or shine – it was my love of outdoors, and the thought of being indoors, all day, eating and drinking that made me want to start the day with some exercise, fresh air and nature. I’m hoping Jack and I will reinstate this tradition again, whatever the weather!


Travelling around Australia was a wonderful time and we’ll never forget it, mostly due to the fact that our brains used up so much ‘power’ just to process all the new experiences. Just changing your daily routine and travelling to new places ‘expands time’ in your mind. It’s called the ‘Holiday Paradox’ and it’s why when you go away for the weekend it seems like you’ve been away for ages and time passes more slowly. All those new sensations require a greater application of brain power, so we develop more detailed and permanent memories. I’ve always loved getting away for a night or two to somewhere new and even just trying a new coffee shop, restaurant or fitness experience. I love it, and drag Jack along, knowing he’d be happy doing his own workout and having an instant coffee, but once he gets there, he loves it too….. most of the time!

Scotland 2013 018

I know that this is just a moment in time for us and we will be back to the working routine, and days will go by in a blur, from start to finish as we take on the familiar ‘ground hog days’.  That was one of the reasons for us to take this ‘time-out’ and get out there, round Aus, instead of waiting until we are retired. We are not getting any younger and time was going too fast, actually it felt like it had speeded up in the last few years and we wanted it to slow down, and we wanted to slow down, and literally expand time, make the days longer and create some great memories to keep us going when life becomes, as it often does, a bit of a slog!


We are excited about our next adventure, but know it will take a lot of energy to get back on our feet and create a new fitness business. We have ideas and we have hopes; it’s up to us to make them happen.

New Zealand Dec 2015 120

For now, we aim to spend the 5 weeks in the States getting as much inspiration as possible for the future, learning from others (TRX ‘Mecca’, headquarters in San Fran, here we come!) and trying as many ‘healthy things’ the US has to offer us, from the food and drinks to the workouts, we want to try it all. They say it all starts in New York, then hits London, Europe and finally Australia and NZ, so we hope to see what’s ‘trending’ right now in the crazy world of fitness and health, on the other side of the world. We’ll keep you posted here…..Bye-bye, Australia – for now: you’ve been very good to us and we’ll be back, that’s for sure.