Interval Training App


You’ve only got 20 minutes for a workout and you need someone to motivate you, tell you when to stop, start and move again. Get this App to keep you honest! It’s a coach in an app!

You set the work ratio and the rest ratio. Just pick 5 to 10 exercises and do them for 30 secs to 1 min and rest in-between for 15 to 30 secs.  Set your timer and when the whistle blows, or a voice shouts ‘GO’, you are off! (you choose the sound type). I have been known to argue with the app that the rest time was not actually 10 secs!!

Click here to be directed to this app.

‘Best ever’ alert: 4 min tabata; 20 secs on and 10 secs off. Alternate between star jumps (jet star ad) and push-ups.