Heat Fitness 30 day lifestyle challenge


Our 30 day ‘lifestyle challenge’ starts in 5 weeks – and perhaps this is not the time to even think about such things, if indeed you are on your holidays and indulging with an extra glass of wine or creating a new daily ‘Gelato’ habit, what with this great weather et al 🙂 . Sometimes though, it’s nice to know that at the end of a great holiday, big weekend, long sultry summer, there is something, a small anchor or opportunity that will help get you back on track, a simple guided reset for your body, a list of ‘Do’s and Don’ts’, a structure and a plan.


So what is the ‘lifestyle challenge?’ and why would it benefit you?

The challenge is 30 days long, just long enough to embed some good habits and make some significant changes that will manifest in how you look and feel –long-term! The general thought is that it takes 21 to 66 days to create or change a habit. Generally food and lifestyle habits are quicker to become automatic; exercise-related activities take much longer, usually 60 to 80 days or more. It should be noted that the 21 to 66 days are days when you are actually doing something – so it’s 66 visits to a gym/exercise class or going for a run, over perhaps a 5 month period. No-one is going to be able to go to the gym everyday for 66 days – they can try, but they’ll fall in a heap with fatigue or injury!

Into the wild

Back to our ‘Challenge’: we want to help you change your eating/drinking/sleeping and moving habits or at least make you aware of what you are putting into your body and ask yourself whether this is still serving you well? We take you through everything that is on your shelves at home, & in the supermarket, and what the food manufacturers are currently serving us up and try to ‘educate you’ on what is good and what is bad for you. A lot of people like to say there is no such thing as ‘bad foods’ and everything in moderation, but unfortunately that is untrue. It is now evident that many of the illnesses that plague us today are a result of poor eating habits and certain food groups/types are the main culprits.


Food has become less about promoting health and nutrition and more about making it last longer than it should, taste better than it does and look brighter than it can. The majority of ‘food manufacturers’ do not care about your health: they care about their profits. The government has proven time and time again that they are totally behind in terms of what is ‘good for us’ and just ‘play catch-up’ along the way, creating fear-based advice like ‘fat is bad for you’ and ‘sugar is the silent killer’ etc.

Sugar lips

There is a general level of confusion in society about food and wellness. A lot of programs are based on ‘weight-loss’, which is understandable as that is the primary goal of most people who are looking for a new diet, fitness regime or motivation to eat and move better. Our 30 day plan is less concerned with weight and focuses more on nutrition, hydration, movement, sleep and even mindfulness.


Yes, you will lose weight and feel good, but that is due to making some significant changes to what you eat and drink over the 30 days.  We don’t do portion control, count calories, weigh things or even weigh ourselves. The evidence will be in a clearer skin, shiny eyes, flatter stomach, less wrinkles, smoother skin, reduced bags under the eyes, less bloating or constipation, reduced headaches and better sleep!

On the Challenge: we eat a lot, we sleep a lot, we drink a lot of water and other nice things; we cook, bake and prep a lot and we try to do at least 10,000 steps a day.

We meet up one week before the Challenge starts for an intro, a Q&A, and a mindfulness session, run by Louise Cullen of Tranceform Therapies, to help us mentally prepare for the 30 days ahead. You will receive all the info required for the Challenge prior to starting – 1 week out and before our first ‘meet-up’ and we will meet again, mid challenge for more info, a check-in and another mindfulness session based on ‘sabotage’ techniques and over-coming ‘distractions’.

During the 30 days, we discuss alcohol, water in-take, movement, food labels, ingredient names, marketing ploys of the food manufacturers (they are sneaky!), how to overcome cravings and lots more. We have a ‘Closed’ facebook page for ‘Challengers’ to contribute to, with recipe ideas and motivation/inspo related to the challenge.


There is a ‘weekly shop’, where you can order everything from home-made ‘Kimchi’, to sugar and gluten-free banana bread, and ‘chocolate bliss balls’ to Zoe’s ledgendary ‘sourdough pitta breads’.


We want you to use the 30 days to try new things, be inspired to create new recipes that are easy and use products you have perhaps looked at in the supermarket and thought ‘I have no idea what to do with that!’. We’ll show you that cheap is not always best, and that sometimes you have to spend a bit of money to get a good quality ingredient or food that is created with your health in mind. There are people out there producing great healthy foods but they don’t always get the shelf space or air-space to promote their products, because they are not good for the Supermarket profits – these producers have chosen health, nutrition and integrity over profits!


We’ll tell you about the best packaged products and when to choose organic, plus a break-down on alcohol. We’ve tried to package up the 30 days with lots of weekly info and inspiration to keep you moving forward. The good news? Coffee and alcohol is allowed! This is NOT a detox, as such, and you don’t need a letter from your doctor to do this either; we are eating food that is readily available on the supermarket shelves and yes, we are restricting certain things and cutting out ‘added sugar – not to be confused with ‘naturally occurring’ sugars’, but there are no potions, herbal formulas, shakes or juices to replace meals etc. Depending on your level of toxicity (think: ‘too much fast food,alcohol,coffee, processed food, etc) there will be a period of feeling unwell, but it will not last long, and it could well be that after a period of indulgence or a few years of poor eating habits, you are already feeling unwell all of the time, and now is the want and desire to change things.You will receive weekly sample meal plans, recipes, emails and informative articles and challenges within the challenge! 

We welcome male and females of all ages to join us as we talk about eating for your decade in life and how to give your body the best possible nutrition depending on your age and lifestyle.

To sign up for our Challenge, visit the website, click on enrolments and scroll down for the ‘lifestyle challenge’ or send me an email at jules@heatfitness.co.uk