Turn up the heat, the tunes and the results!

Hot Yoga, Pilates and Tabata Interval Training have been around for many years but combining them in one class is new. Is this just another fitness craze? We don’t think so! We’ve been inspired to create Hot Core on the back of Hot Inferno Pilates (HIP), which has stormed across the East and West Coast of America, packing out classes in Hot Yoga studios. HIP was created by Las Vegas based, Gabriella Walters, an ex Hungarian athlete, who following a serious knee injury was looking for an effective, safe, low-impact, high intensity workout that relied on bodyweight.


Gabriella could not find such a class anywhere, so she created her own! Hot Inferno Pilates uses the principles of Pilates, the heat of hot yoga, and highly effective Tabata Interval training.

Black and white HIP

We’ve tweaked her concept and include a Yoga warm-up; Pilates inspired movements that a lot of physiotherapists will ask their patients to do at home, but they rarely do; High Intensity Interval Training; Hot Yoga postures held in the set-up phase; lots of abs and yoga stretches to finish. You’ll sweat, work every muscle in the body and every inch in between!


For us Hot Core combines everything you need in one class – the heat elevates the heart rate and the copious amount of sweat ensure it’s a thorough detox! The heat and humidity is lower than the hot yoga classes and for good reason, as you will be doing squats, push-ups, burpees and mountain climbers using the Tabata method which is 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest (8 rounds, 4 mins in total per Tabata). We try to squeeze in 4 to 5 Tabata’s into a 1 hour class.


If you’ve never tried a hot yoga class before then we don’t recommend it, purely because it’s better to get used to the heat in a hot yoga class first and then transition into the hot core classes. If you’ve done at least 3 hot yoga classes, then come and try the Hot Core or Hot Inferno Pilates (we offer 3 x hot core a week and 1 x Hot Inferno Pilates).


When you have a busy life and work hard, you want your exercise class to pack a punch, offering great benefits, enjoyment and leave you feeling amazing. We believe Hot Core does just that!

Below are just some of the many benefits:

You will be challenged, physically and mentally, and the hour will fly by – you won’t think of anything else!

You will release tension in your body and work precise muscles to improve, tone and switch on ‘lazy, inactive’ muscles.

After all that sweating, you’ll feel completely cleansed and detoxed – awesome after a big weekend!

It’s a mood enhancer and you’ll be a on a bit of a high afterwards, plus it will give you an amazing energy.

You’ll shake up a sluggish circulation and create a huge after-burn effect, as your body burns calories to bring it back to a state of equilibrium!

If you go to Alejandro’s HIP class on Sat at 8am, you’ll feel like you are in Ibiza – lots of great tunes to start your weekend off!

You will get strong in both cardiovascular fitness and strength really quickly.

If you are a runner, then your knees, hips and back will love you for doing this class! Actually it’s the perfect cross-trainer for any sport.

Hot Core or HIP will complement your Hot Yoga, making you stronger in your postures and you’ll handle the heat better. Please don’t worry if you can’t do some of the moves, we have modifications for everyone as we all have differing injuries, fitness levels and imbalances in our bodies. We know that the three disciplines included in Hot Core work extremely well: we’ve spent years doing Interval Training ourselves and training others using this method; our hundreds of hours in the hot box mean we know the heat, it’s benefits and how to manage it; many injuries from sport and lifestyle have steered us to Pilates movements, given to us by medical professionals to fix our muscle imbalances.

If you are worried about the heat, just remember how you felt before your first hot yoga class and how you feel now? The body adapts really quickly to every environment and exercise. If you can’t do the plank for more than 20 secs, give it time and soon, you’ll be planking for 1 minute. It’s the same as hot yoga, where initially you could not balance for 10 secs on 1 leg; you are now balancing rock solid for a minute, well nearly :)!


Stacking both hot yoga and hot core into your week could become your perfect Yang Yin workout week!

We hope to see you at one of the sessions soon! If you have any questions or queries, then please get in touch.