We are less than 3 weeks from Christmas and for some, the fun has already begun and, mentally, the towel has been thrown in. We’ve surrendered to the multitude of festive food and drinks bombarding us from every corner of every supermarket, with mince pies and Christmas puds now available from October!

Unhealthy food

It’s a tough time to look after ourselves, as most of us will be invited to several Christmas parties, morning / afternoon teas, Christmas fairs etc. and that’s all before we even sit down for Christmas dinner! Then there’s Boxing day – and a fridge full of leftovers for the week leading up to New Year. By the time the 2nd of January hits, we are stuffed, literally!


It’s a quite a level of abuse we throw at our bodies at this time of year and then what do we do? We punish them even more by ‘flogging’ them at the gym come January, with the aim of pounding away the festive fat. We tend to completely restrict calories and up the fitness activities and hope that by Feb, we’ll be back to our ‘fighting weight’ and feeling good. What usually happens is that we run out of steam, willpower and get injured. It’s a vicious cycle and one that is often repeated each year.

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Is there a way to avoid this? Well yes, we believe so and our lifestyle challenge was designed to help people get out of the cycle of guilt, depression, frustration and a sense of hopelessness when it comes to food, drink and weight loss. I think the first thing that drives us back to the gym and to healthier food choices is the fact that we feel ‘rubbish’. Generally, post-xmas, you hear people say they feel like they can’t eat or drink another thing and are feeling a bit toxic. This is a sign of over-indulgence: it’s a food and drink hangover!


Our lifestyle challenge, in January, tackles two things:  helping  you to feel better, and taking a  look at your lifestyle, as a whole.

Through eating the right type of foods, drinking the right type of drinks, cutting back on meat, dairy and gluten, eliminating added sugar, restricting alcohol and coffee – but not cutting it out altogether;  addressing sleep, water intake, movement and stress.  We increase gut-healthy foods for your immune systems; scrapping additives, preservatives, bad oils, and white sugar; introduce a daily step count; be mindful about meals and snacks. The aim of the Challenge is to feel and look better! Weight-loss & great measurements are an added bonus.

Mix of healthy food

Once you learn how to give up ‘added sugar’, then that constant guilt, the yo-yo dieting (that never works), and worrying about whether, ‘I earned a piece of cake’: it all goes out of the window! It’s a relief – liberation, and one less thing to worry about. Sugar is highly addictive and it’s in everything, not just dessert, it’s in our breakfast foods – cereals, yoghurts and juices; it’s in our lunch – soups, sandwiches with dressings, salad dressings, snack bars etc.; it’s in our snacks and it’s in our dinners – sauces for stir fries, Italian or Indian meals, gravies, stock, take-aways etc. We can’t escape it, but we can navigate around it and make the right choices so that the only sugars we eat are natural and nutritious, such as fruit or dried fruit added to baking.


Knowing where to start, how to continue and ‘what’s what’ when you go sugar-free can be daunting, but we’ve done all the work for you and give you all the help you need to make a go of it and try, in 30 days, to change your tastebuds and your lifestyle – for life.

During the 30 days, we have an a ‘healthy food chef’, whose speciality is in fermented foods; you can order weekly ‘sugar free’ delicious treats and fermented foods such as Kimchi, sauerkraut and her famous sour-dough pitta breads! You will receive ‘Do’s and don’ts’, shopping lists and all the latest on healthy eating – these will not come from our ‘local government’, but rather from respected professionals and researchers around the world who are passionate about health and don’t have an agenda. We partner with a wine merchant to secure discounts on ‘organic, sugar free wines’ and gluten- free beers. We meet up twice during the challenge and it kicks off with a mindfulness session on ‘curbing the urges’ to help with cravings, willpower etc. It’s an education and a chance to make some major changes to the way you currently eat, drink and move.

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If you are sick and tired of diets that don’t work and feeling rubbish, then join us in January and I promise you’ll have increased energy, better sleep and skin, a flatter stomach, less bloating, improved concentration…..and feel calmer.

Testimonials from August, 2017 challenge:

  • ‘So, the results are in! After ploughing through the 30 day challenge, I have just taken my measurements and am totally buzzing with a 17.3cm all over change in my body. I didn't think that making these changes over 30 days would have such an impact. If ever there was better reason for cutting out sugar and other nasties, then I have yet to see it.
    You have guided us all though the last 30 days and I have loved it. I am most definitely going to maintain the reformed eating – that has now become a habit. Thank you very, very much’
  • ……..‘Final stats in! Overall lost 11cms this month and dropped a bit of poundage. But since June (and starting hot yoga) 30 cms has gone – a whole ruler length. It has been an eye opening, life changing month and a total re-education on diet and how key it is to well-being. Thank you so much for your brilliant recipes, knowledge and encouragement. I'm going to try to stick at it more or less! And thanks to everyone for your brilliant, encouraging posts. They kept me going’

We are launching our Heat Fitness Lifestyle challenge on Monday, 15th of January, 2018. The cost is £45pp. To book a spot, numbers limited to 25, please go to workshops on the website, www.heatfitness.co.uk, and scroll down.