Is your diet and exercise plan still working for you? Do you feel like you have a handle on your input and output or are you spending a lot of time counting calories, feeling guilty for not working out, weighing yourself or working out to punish yourself for overindulgence?

The exercise and diet loop can be relentless and define you and run your life – the constant thinking/feeling when it comes to food and movement – or lack of. We also get stuck in ruts and often do the same thing each week, even if they don’t actually serve us anymore – it’s just such a habit, whether it’s your morning run or shopping in the same supermarket aisles and buying the same fruit and veg – never deviating.

There are many stages to our wellbeing, from neglect and zero-thought (usually in our 20’s) to consideration and participation (usually in our 30’s) to realization that things are not working the same anymore, so we start checking out things outside our comfort zone/radar (usually in our 40’s), and often there is also resignation, acceptance or what is and learning to live with that.

Our 30-day Lifestyle Challenge will take you out of your comfort zone; that place you may have spent the last few decades, and we want to shake things up for the better. More importantly we want to show you the power of nutrition and how you can eat really well without flogging your body every-day – of course if you love to exercise, then we’ll show you how good nutrition will make your workouts even better.

Actually, if all you do is follow our eating plan and do not exercise, then you will still lose pounds/weight, look and feel amazing and get the opportunity to try a host of new things, which are currently ‘trending’ in the wellness industry.

All the stuff that’s out there right now in the ‘wellfulness industry’ as we like to call it, has been around for a longtime:  hidden in temples in Asia and India; or communities on remote islands or tribes in the jungle. We are now learning from those who came before us and not only survived but thrived with no signs of the chronic diseases that we ‘civilized races’ currently face.

We are not going all ‘caveman’ on you; our plan is for the modern world but it incorporates what we believe is a ‘toolbox’ of things that can accelerate your health and wellbeing. How do we know? We’ve been doing it ourselves for years and we taken many clients through this 30-day challenge (it’s currently in its 10 year and is always evolving).

Our October challenge is the fourth and final challenge of the year and Autumn is the perfect time for this: it’s a season of transformation and transition in nature as it prepares for what’s to come. As humans, we feel the same way around this time: there is a shift, which may cause us to feel sluggish, lethargic and crave carbs and sugar. Mentally, we grieve for the summer – maybe not outwardly, but inwardly, it’s there, our slight apprehension and sadness that summer is gone.

The Challenge will make you feel both mentally and physically better, more alive, in control and energized, taking you into the winter months with your immune system firing on all cylinders!

So what’s involved?

There is a guide with a list of Do’s and Don’ts – these will keep you on track during the 30 days.

We limit the following: coffee, gluten, dairy and alcohol.

We omit the following: added sugar, meat, vegetable oils, processed foods

We give you: weekly sample meal plans and recipes to try, loads of advice on healthy eating, top tips on eating out, entertaining or travelling, advice on alcohol and what types to try and avoid, plus healthy swaps for your current meals/faves.

There is a weekly shop where you can buy loads of things: from homemade hummus to sourdough pitta breads and aubergine brownies to chocolate bliss balls.

We meet up as a group online via Zoom twice during the challenge: pre challenge and midway through.

There is a secret facebook group for support and to share everything challenge related.

Each week, we have mini challenges: these include everything from cold showers (only 15 secs) and Intermittent fasting to a healthy 3-day detox (you will lose 2 to 3 pounds).

What will happen to you? a lot over 30 days. You’ll change your shopping habits and your cupboard essentials; you’ll lose pounds and weight, but mostly body fat; you’ll look more glowy – your skin will glow and your eyes will shine and any black bags under your eyes will reduce or diminish; you’ll feel lighter and less bloated very quickly; any aches, pains or issues (caused by inflammation in your body) will either  reduce or clear-up; if you suffer from constipation, you will probably become more regular; your energy levels will increase and your brain will be sharper; your stress levels will be reduced and you’ll sleep better; your body and mind will start working together and becoming more mindful.

Exercise: Your aim in the first week is to do 10,000 steps a day and to continue that for the remaining 30 days, but the real challenge is to achieve this for the first 7 days – as this will map your daily routine and habits and highlight those days that you barely move.

Plus we do weekly workouts online (these are recorded) – from abs to arms to weights and cardio and WIM HOF power breathing, plus guided relaxation. These sessions are all a max of 30 mins long.

What do you need to do? Sign up, embrace the challenge, make the changes, follow the plan and get all the benefits.

Is the challenge okay for vegetarians or vegans? Yes, absolutely.

What are cons? It can be time-consuming, preparing your meals from scratch and working with new recipes/ingredients (it’s exciting too). The week before the challenge starts is crucial for prep. You will have to sacrifice other things, like social media and TV time. Do you watch cooking shows whilst eating a meal made from jars/packages?

You can still socialize and go out – don’t worry, but you will have to adapt things, which is all part of the challenge.