Challenging times call for challenging acts!

I think there comes a time in everyone’s life where you start feeling the side-effects of a Western lifestyle. Those side effects may not be obvious at the start, but they creep up on you, year by year, and start giving you little nudges – to name but a few: dull aches, a cold that won’t go away, painful neck, shoulders and back; tension in the lower back that never goes unless you visit a chiropractor or physio; skin irritations, allergies, headaches, stomach upsets, sciatica, knee and hip pain, tennis & golfer elbow, depression; anxiety and sleep disorders etc…..and I’m sure we could all tick a couple in the above list that’s affected us at one stage or another.

The list is long and varied and for most health professionals, from doctors to physios, these are the most common complaints they see and deal with on a daily basis.  The easiest route of treatment is to prescribe medication and/or, if they are a physio, Osteo or Chiro, offer treatment to ease the ailment and ultimately try to correct the issue. The problem is that the route of the problem has not been addressed, or we don’t do the prescribed exercises given to us and more than likely all these things will come back, sometimes worse or manifesting as something more serious.

I’ve painted a small snapshot of our health care system which I’ve used, several times, for both major and minor surgery with follow-up treatment, in three different countries: South Africa, Australia and the UK. I’ve been at the hands of some amazing surgeons, medical specialists, physiotherapists, osteopaths and GPs. My surgical treatment, which was private in SA; mostly free in Australia and totally free in the UK was fantastic and I feel very lucky that I’ve had access to these services. My treatments with physios/osteos/massage therapists/acupuncture practitioners etc. was always private and paid for by myself as I totally value this form of treatment and would never go to a GP with a specialist sports injury.  Jack has paid for two major surgeries privately and also received several other surgeries and treatments on the NHS and free in Australia and I know that the difference in quality and treatment was no different if he paid, or got it for free via the respective health services.


The bottom line is that we value our free medical service and we try not to put a strain on it in any way. We learnt a long time ago how to heal ourselves as best possible and treat most of our ailments, so that the only time we visit the doctor is for routine things that are mandatory or something very serious and possibly requiring surgery. Actually since returning to the UK, 18 months ago, Jack has not even registered with a doctor and I’ve been once for a mandatory test. I’m not saying we’ve not had a few aches and pains or the odd cold, but we both know how to fix it.

So how do you fix ‘feeling like shit?’, day in and day out, not jumping out of your skin or walking around in pain and suffering??…… Well, you have to change your lifestyle and turn everything you do, upside down. Drastic times call for drastic measures!!

House and challenge 029

I think we all know that if we could cut back, or cut out altogether, sugar; reduce gluten; stop our reliance on processed foods and drinks; sleep more; give our stomachs a rest more; make healthier choices; drink more water and less alcohol; move more; stretch more; became more mindful and stop sitting down so much, we’d feel some serious changes in our bodies and mind. Imagine that! It’s not that hard to start making change happen. Really. We did…..small, teeny little steps, one by one.

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Inflammation from all of our food and drink choices, plus the fact that our body never gets a chance to totally work on repairing and revitalising our systems, means we are running on empty a lot of the time. Our body is too busy breaking down toxins and dealing with stimulants to spend time renewing cells and boosting our immune system.

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Our treat days/nights and special occasions have turned into 200+ days of the 365 days of the year. If you add up all your holidays, pre and post holiday celebrations and get-togethers plus Easter, Xmas, public holidays, long weekends, birthday celebrations, weddings, funerals, works nights out, wedding anniversaries; girls nights out; leaving do’s; christenings etc. then really, our life is like one long party, which of course is great! But our bodies don’t like this, especially when we often ‘recover’ with long bouts on the sofa watching box-sets!

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We’re both not immune to all of these things, not by a long shot, but we have found a way to balance things out which we think nurtures our bodies and mind enough so that we can still party like there’s no tomorrow – well, every now and again; keep our energy high, belly flat and doctors visits to a minimum.

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If you are feeling like you want to change something or everything and find a way back to better health, then join our 30 day ‘lifestyle’ challenge on the 28th of August (Day 1). It’s about nutrition, sleep, movement, stress – everything related to your health and well-being. It could be your wisest investment you’ve made in yourself in sometime!

What’s involved??….Well, there will be loads of ‘do’s and don’ts’, a break-down of supermarket shopping and grocery lists; sample meal plans; recipes; a healthy food shop –you can buy weekly sugar and gluten- free snacks from us; a weekly fitness opportunity and meet-up; everything sent online via email and a private Facebook group .  There will be weekly emails and motivational blogs to help educate you in the latest research in food, nutrition, exercise, sleep and supplements.

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If you are keen to give-up 30 days of your life to challenge yourself and break from your ‘old self’, then this could be for you. There is quite a bit of preparation involved as you’ll have to redo your food shopping and cupboards and plan your month accordingly. You can’t just sign up and hope for the best. The effort comes from you: there are no powders, tablets, potions, liquids that you can buy that will make you feel better or look thinner, the work will be in creating real meals and drinking water instead of wine (8 days of alcohol allowed J) and getting your butt to bed earlier.

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We are limiting the challenge so if you’ve already signed up, thank you! Bookings available online via the website.  Go to workshops and follow the link to the booking page.

COST: £30pp