It’s a Family Affair!

It’s been a while, but I’m back on the blog! You’ll find weekly helpings of wellness, fitness, healthy habits and recipes. With our feet firmly back on the ground, we are back into the swing of things in Scotland.


Arriving in the middle of winter was a bit of a shock for our bodies and our souls. Waking up at 8am meant that we still had another hour or more of darkness before the light crept into the house. Jack loved to remind me that we had better seize the day as we only had 7 hours of daylight left and then it would be ‘pitch black’ again!


Lots of red wine, beer and Prosecco were consumed (I think Prosecco is the national drink now!) over the festive season and then the hunt was on to fill our pantry with the essentials to create healthy and tasty snacks, meals and treats for us and our families. Ingredients we took for granted in Australia (tahini for humus and bliss balls, spirulina for green juices, pesticide free raw nuts to chomp on, organic coconut oil, coconut water, coconut flour and brown rice flour, sugar free nut butters with no nasty oils etc) are not so easy to source over here and when you do find them, you feel like you need a bank loan to go shopping!. It’s been a long journey, sourcing and pricing things between health shops, supermarkets and Amazon but we are getting there.


February has brought longer days, a few stunning cold and frosty days and the opportunity to get out there.


Coming back to Scotland means our ‘poor’ families have now got instant ‘wellness coaches’ on their doorstep and without being too pushy, we are trying our upmost to get them to try all the things we love: Hot Yoga, TRX, sugar-free and gluten free lifestyle etc. We’ve been plying our friends and family with Apple Cider vinegar, bliss balls, healthy gluten free Christmas cake and organic wine!


My busy sis has joined me, not once but twice, at Jack’s Bikram Yoga class in Glasgow and so has his gorgeous niece Kirsty P.


I’ve made ‘coconut banana bread and sweet potato chocolate brownies’, both sugar and gluten free and launched these on my nieces who have a very sweet tooth and they amazingly got the thumbs up! My mum came to stay and during her 24 hours in town she came to a very new work-out called ‘Rock and Reel’ and then backed it up by doing my Wednesday morning ‘Pop up Hot Yoga’ class in the village: she’s a trooper!  Just a note on the ‘Rock and Reel’ gig, which I think is going to take off in a big way, it's run by the talented Tricia Chillas and is ‘aerobics style’ moves done to Scottish music, both country and contemporary! Under Tricia’s tutelage, it was a lot of fun and it’s fantastic for older adults, but she’s planning a more high-tempo version for a younger crowd too. Watch this space!


Jack’s 82 year old dad needs no encouragement when it comes to fitness, and he’s been put on a TRX programme for posture, strength and flexibility. Jack Jnr and snr do a 20 minute work-out in the hallway every second day and his squats, back rows and chest press are getting better every week. Hopefully he’s feeling the difference in his tennis and golf too. (If he knew we'd posted this video, we'd be in big trouble, but with two plastic hips and a plastic knee, he's inspirational!)


Jack’s big brother has so far done two of my hot yoga classes even though he'd never tried yoga before. (personally though I think he comes for the Chocolate Bliss balls at the end)!


We hope they don’t start making their excuses the minute they see us and know that deep down we have their best interests at heart: It’s free training and bliss balls for life if they want it! Thanks for your trust and support everyone.