Are ‘strong glutes’ the new core?

Our butts get a lot of ‘downtime’ these days, we sit for hours commuting, working, relaxing and also sleeping. In general, we can be seated or lying down for up to 18 hours a day. An active day is the opposite and our glutes come alive when we garden, hike, walk, run, cycle, workout, lift heavy objects and use our glutes for what they were intended! They are our ‘carthorses’ and along-with the core, help us to move more efficiently.

Glutes are just as important as the core, but definitely don’t get the same degree of ‘fanfare’ and left to their own devices, they become weak and lazy.

A weak ‘butt’ will be the difference between you struggling up a mountain bike track or making it to the top first and feeling strong! Several reports have now linked weak glutes to lower back pain and lower body instability. Instability causes issues of the joints, both hips, knees and ankles and overtime can result in injuries. We love stretching tight muscles, but often where there is tightness, there is weakness, especially if you have tight hips and glutes and you’ve not actually done much in the last week or so: understandable if you’ve done a Munro the day before.

Strengthening your glutes as much as possible will just make everything you do easier, from your yoga to walking the dog and will take the load off things like your back. Really activating and ‘waking up’ the glutes can be tricky as the body compensates and will let other things take over, so a bit of concentrated effort is a great way to ‘fire them up’.

Our Hot Core classes are geared at strengthening your body, from the core outwards, with ‘glute activators’ and ‘movers’ a big part of our sessions, i.e. curtsy lunges, bridge sequence, moby squats and so on! The stronger your butt, the better you’ll feel and move overall.

Our Hot Core workshop for beginners is Sat, 11th of January and we’ll cover all the basic exercises and challenges that we do in Hot Core, offering up modifications for your body and injuries. We believe Hot Core is for every-body, regardless of injuries and a fantastic, low-impact workout that will strengthen your body, burn heaps of calories, offer you a challenge and leave you feeling like you’ve achieved a huge amount in a 1 hour class. The workshop is 3pm to 430pm and £12pp. This is your ‘booty call’.