Alive and kicking!

When it’s in your bones!

We’ve spent the past few weeks fighting off a virus- a ‘life-sucking, headache and nausea inducing, shivering and shaking’ virus! It got into our bones, as the saying goes, so deep that lifting our heads off the pillow and moving from the bed was a huge challenge.  It’s been over 10 days since we first felt its little claws wrapping around our bodies and attacking our respiratory systems. It all sounds a bit dramatic and to be honest, even when I felt like my head was going to explode and I was throwing up, I knew it was just a virus, nothing more serious, because I’ve had it before – a long time ago, but the symptoms were the same: it’s still a shock when you are reduced to feeling as weak as a kitten and you think you’ll never be well again….death feels viable!


I’m not used to seeing Jack sick either and never at the same time as me, he usually soldiers on through anything, but this time we both did nothing for 10 days – unheard of! We’ve enjoyed good health for such a long time now and to get a head cold, followed by a flu virus meant we’ve spent the last 4 weeks feeling pretty average.


During this time, I was watching a box-set DVD where the lead characters spend a lot of time drinking wine and looking fabulous and I eyed them, enviously, as I too wanted to feel good enough to drink wine and eat lovely food! But worse than that was fitness envy, seeing people bouncing around full of health and vitality –  now that was tough! I could not wait to get outside and walk, walk anywhere in the fresh air, so I could feel normal again. Sitting on a couch all day, lying in bed all day, sleeping for 14 to 16 hours a day, never leaving the house and not being outdoors, now that for us is not living: we don’t feel alive at all.


I know that sometimes sickness can derail all the hardwork in the gym and some people never actually get back into their fitness routine and their goals fall by the wayside, but for us these last few weeks have made us realise how much we value our health and wellbeing.  We sometimes take for granted the ability to wake up every-day and go for a walk, maybe a run, or to a favourite exercise class.


When you can’t do these things, then you want them even more. Now we’re back into it, we are even more invigorated to do stuff and kick a few goals. The minute you move with any intensity and get your circulation moving, you feel good. Choosing to walk, rather than drive; getting up early to do a workout, or run the hill behind your house, any movement that will make you feel alive, energised and ready to take on anything.


We get such a sense of achievement and a high when we do a workout, make it to the top of a mountain, cycle a big route on a day off: all these things make us feel like we’ve conquered the day and we own it. After 15 years in fitness, we see it every-time we train someone or take a group class, the ‘after-glow’ and the ‘high’, it’s pretty evident on everyone’s faces and in their body-language. You walk a bit taller after and you feel pretty awesome. 


Well done if you’ve got ‘out there’ today and did something for yourself, and your body. It will thank you.  The side effects are: you’ll feel calmer mentally, get fresh blood cursing through you – which is an excellent massage-stress your heart in the right way and work up a detoxing sweat.  No excuses for the rest of March, we want to feel ‘alive & kicking’ again.