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Heat Fitness is Scotland’s first purpose built hot yoga and suspension training studio. We offer over 30 yoga classes a week, for every age and ability, from ‘Bikram Hot Yoga’ to ‘Restorative Yin Yoga’. Alongside our TRX suspension sessions, you’ll also find Jab boxing, circuit classes and weekend workshops.

Hot Yoga

Our Hot Yoga classes are not just yoga postures performed in a heated room, but rather specially designed sequences which will stretch and strengthen your muscles, ligaments and joints and stimulate your organs and glands, restoring all systems to a healthier and more vital state.

The heat works to open your body, enabling you to go deeper into your workout and achieve a training effect. It is also therapeutic and perfect for those suffering from overuse injuries or irritations. Sweating promotes detoxification and elimination through the skin. Your circulation and concentration improves and your immune system gets a weekly boost.

All our yoga classes have been designed with beginners in mind and are safe and effective for every body shape, fitness ability and flexibility range. Be warned though, Hot Yoga is highly addictive!

For those looking to enjoy a gentler class, we also have ‘warm yoga’ and restorative Yin Yoga.


Suspension training stabilises, strengthens and increases flexibility. You’ll never forget your first class and how it feels to move your body in three dimensions. It’s loved by athletes, celebrities, sports teams, fitness experts and the general public the world over and for good reason: the benefits and results are tangible and quick.

After a couple of sessions, you’re posture will improve, you’ll wake-up dormant muscles you never thought existed and your core will fire up. If you want to build a solid foundation for sport or life, then suspension training is for you.

Our classes cater for everyone, from mature adults to post-natal mums and athletes looking for an edge. Find one that suits you!

We want to give you
a full body

Our philosophy

  • Share what we know and love: hot yoga, suspension training, boxing and circuit training, nutrition based on real food without added sugar, limited gluten and lots of greens!
  • Create an atmosphere where everyone says ‘hello’, knows your name and is interested in your wellbeing.
  • Offer challenging full-body workouts that feel good for your body and mind.
  • First-class instruction and training, if we’ve not done it, you won’t either.
  • Safe and effective will always be our primary concern.
  • We share workouts that offer progressive and tangible results.
  • Invite people with differing skills and experiences, who are Ace at what they do, to share their workshops, classes and skills with you.


Know who we are
and what we do


With HEAT FITNESS, we’ve created an offering whereby the yoga and exercise run alongside each other. We’ve benefitted greatly from both Suspension Training and Hot Yoga and also seen the amazing results in others from both of these practices. We wanted to share what we know and love.’

Jack, whose enthusiasm for sport, fitness and health, led him to a career in fitness, set-up Glasgow’s first ‘boxing for fitness’ classes in 2005. He himself had previously competed at both a regional and national level in amateur boxing and several other sports.

Juliette has always been an avid endurance runner, off road tri-athlete and lover of all sports, and began working in the fitness industry, part-time, in 2000 and was the first female lead instructor for British Military Fitness in Scotland.

A move to Australia in 2006 was the impetus for setting up a new fitness business together. They started the first Australian group TRX suspension training classes in February 2007, and went on to build a business on the back of this form of training. It was early days of TRX, but they knew this versatile piece of kit was something special and the tangible results in their clients were evident within weeks.

Their hot yoga journey began as a result of injuries from years of sport. They found the hot room helped repair & maintain their bodies, inside & out! Along the way, they met hundreds of others who had also gravitated to the hot yoga to help with injuries, overuse irritations, back pain and a general level of toxicity from a western lifestyle!

They’ve written two Suspension Training courses for the fitness industry and delivered them to hundreds of fitness instructors across Australia, and have just recently began running the courses in the UK. The courses are endorsed by both Fitness Australia and the Register of Exercise Professionals in the UK.

Trainee Testimonials

  • Absolutely 1st class. Jules & Jack are outstanding teachers. Such a welcoming, open, friendly place. Fantastic for mind, body & soul. Cannot recommend highly enough.

    Heat Fitness studio
  • Really enjoyed today and learned so much. Couldn't ask to be treated any better – thank you guys, it was ace!

    Suspension Training Course (REPS endorsed)
  • A perfect blend of hot-flow and slow, meditative stretching to open the body. After class, I felt at peace and had a degree of unrestricted movement I hadn't felt in a while. I would thoroughly recommend, and request this class to be held more frequently.

    Yang to YIN 2 hour class
  • Great all round workout. Tests your strength and stamina.

    TRX Class
  • Power Yoga is superb! Highly recommend.

  • Great class; feels like I’m getting a full body detox, it’s revitalising but relaxing at the same time. An amazing all round workout.

    Fierce Grace Hot Yoga
  • Love heat fitness! The classes are great and the instructors are really welcoming! They make you feel right at home it's such a great place to be! Would highly recommend to everyone!

    Heat Fitness studio
  • I wasn't sure before I went but it was amazing, even for a beginner like me it was such a great experience.

    Hot Yoga
  • Have been to the hot yoga 4 times now and i have too say i love it...jules and jack are both great ambassadors of what they teach and make everyone feel so welcome.

    Hot Yoga
  • Wonderful yin yoga class on Sunday! Great thing to do on a Sunday morning to reset mind and body. All of those who took part in the class were super lovely! I will definitely be back.

    YIN Yoga

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