We are fitness lovers, fitness trainers and educators. We love everything about fitness: the clothes (ok that’s mostly Jules); the shoes; the workouts and the science; some of the equipment; the way it’s constantly evolving and all the inspirational people that are involved in fitness. 

Our fitness journey has led us on a journey of adventure, mostly with the outdoors where we’ve tried triathlons, ocean swimming, stand-up paddle boarding, surfing, surf boat rowing, river kayaking, outrigging, ultra marathon trail running, mountain bike racing, adventure racing and obstacle races.  Indoors we’ve done everything from hot yoga to yin yoga, crossfit, suspension training, circuit training, boxing, spin, aqua, Pilates, zumba (okay not Jack, yet!) and countless other fitness crazes, fads and workouts over the years.  That’s what happens when you love fitness, you want to try it all, do it all and give it your all. 

We’ve calmed down a bit now though because we’re getting on in years and our bodies have told us what they like and don’t like and more often these days, our workouts are being replaced with mobility and stretching sessions, featuring foam rollers and spiky balls! Rehab is our new fave class J

Slowing down is not a bad thing though, because every decade there is a new thing to appreciate and learn, such as Hot Yoga, which is something we would never have done in our 20’s and 30’s – too busy running everywhere!  Now though we love it, so much so, that we also teach it.  Our 40’s were the perfect time to discover yoga and we are still such beginners: lots to learn. (We do wish we had done it earlier though, even just once a week!)

We've also embraced nutrition and how food can nurture your body and soul. For a while there, we were definitely trashing our bodies with bad food and drinks, thinking we were being healthy, but in the last 10 years, we've educated ourselves on what is best for our bodies.  We now eat a very healthy diet because it’s pretty much consists of mostly organic wholefoods. We love coffee, wine, beer and food, so it’s a challenge to make those things healthy and yummy, but we've got better and better over the years and now we can find the one organic wine in the bottle shop and hunt out the organic beer or gluten free stuff (it’s pretty good). Whipping up a raw avocado mouse cheesecake or homemade snack platter with dips, minus sugar, additives, gluten or other hidden nasties has become pretty easy and homemade soups are staples of our diets. 

Our bodies are changing every decade and we decided to help them in their journey,physically and nutritionally. This is our story of staying healthy and happy well into the next few decades of our life.