A Workout for all Over the World

Sunrise at Scouthall3

This is one of those workouts you can literally do anywhere using bodyweight and a stopwatch. We have performed this little workout all over the world, it’s a really quick full body workout when you are short of time, want to achieve a lot and you have no access to any equipment.

We’ve done this workout in hotel rooms, friends and families back-gardens, on the beach and put our clients through it many times too. It works even better with a great view!

Here we go:

Total time: Depending on what you choose for your timings, this will take between 15mins and 20 mins


5 Burpees; 10 push-ups; 15 squat jumps; 20 mountain climbers (10 each leg)

The above is 1 set.

Set your timer for 1min30secs. Perform the above set as fast as you can. When you finish, check the timer and if you have done the workout in 1min10secs, then you have 20secs for a breather before you begin another set of the same exercises. The quicker you do your set, the longer your breather!

If you can’t perform the above exercises in 1min30secs, or you just finish before the 1min30secs is up, then set your timer for 2mins and then you get a longer breather and a recovery before starting your next set.

Try to do 10 x sets of the above exercise. As you get closer to set number 10, you will have to work harder to maintain your time. Fatigue will set in around set number 7, depending on your fitness level. Don’t worry if you only reach 5 or 7 sets, although 10 sets is your goal.