As we approach the end of another year, it’s often a time to reflect on what has been, what is coming and where we are right now. It’s just another day, week and month, but it can feel like a ‘clean page or a new start’ for many of us. Often it’s the need to start getting back into a routine and rein in some of the indulgence of the festive season. It’s only when we feel really unwell, bloated, fatigued, lethargic etc. that we are encouraged to invest in some self-care.

Get your glow back

Supporting our own wellbeing is not easy, as we are pulled in several directions, whilst also supporting others, but when we look after ourselves on a regular basis, then we have the capacity to look beyond ourselves more often; we have the capacity to take care of others without resentment, anger or impatience.


Finding that balance for yourself can be hard, especially when exercise, fitness and eating well is not, perhaps, part of a regular routine, but the rewards and the ability to recharge and come back with real resilience are so important.

If we spend too much time in what is known as the ‘performance zone’, you need more time in the ‘recovery zone’, otherwise burnout will ensue and you’ll be hanging for every holiday and using stimulants such as sugar, alcohol and iphones to boost your daily existence.


As we approach New Year and new goals, projects, work commitments, social and family commitments, we should factor in as much ‘recharging’ as possible so that the body is not out of alignment by April. There’s a term known as ‘homeostatic value’, which describes the value that certain actions have for creating equilibrium, and thus wellbeing in the body. If we keep pushing and ‘trying harder’, we burn too much energy to overcome the already ‘low state of energy’, and this causes severe exhaustion.

The more stressful and busy your week has been, the more you need to allocate time to recovery. Unfortunately, sitting on iphones and laptops is not recovery time and neither is checking emails. Recovery is walking away from work and stressful situations and doing something which helps you to completely switch off; be it hot yoga or rock climbing!

Loch tay in the snow

You want to shift your attention away from your external stressors and concentrate on something else, so that when you return to your job, family etc. you will feel ‘recharged’.

We ask all of our clients to leave their watches, phones and fitbits outside of the yoga room to ensure that there is absolutely nothing to distract you or others in the room, it’s enforced yes, but sometimes we need that to make sure we totally switch-off and totally recover. We want to make the yoga room a kind of ‘zen-space’ of quietness, where you are alone with your breath, body and thoughts, moving mindfully through each posture, listening to your body – maybe the first time that week?

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Stillness, creating space, unwinding a tight mind and body are amazing for recharging and getting back a bit of bounce. As the clocks strike midnight, ask yourself how you feel or how do you want to feel this New Year and how you will ‘recover and recharge’ so that you have the capacity to feel that life itself is not a constant uphill battle and struggle in 2019.

We are open on the 2nd of January with Hot Core and Hot Yoga, so come and see us and create a fresh slate, sweat away the old and bring in the new! Happy New Year.

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