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smoothie with bee pollen
cold showers
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salad mint and feta
miso mushrooms
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weights and cardio


Our 30-Day Challenge, which we run twice a year, is set-up to help you lose weight, feel better, look better and learn more about your body, your mind and your habits. For some, our challenge is potentially life changing as you learn skills and tools that will stay with you forever. 

After 30 days you will be less bloated and have clearer skin and eyes; you will lose weight, but probably more inches than pounds and you will feel lighter both mentally and physically; you’ll change your tastebuds, your shopping habits and be introduced to new recipes, ingredients, and cooking styles. 

Everything is done online. We send you:  ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ – our guide for the 30 days; a shopping list; weekly sample meal plans and recipes.

Alongside all the nutrition we run weekly mini challenges: from Wim Hof breathwork to cold showers to intermittent fasting. You will also do 3 x 30 mins fitness sessions per week online, either recorded or live on zoom. These sessions are: Heat Leaner; Heat Stronger; Heat Stretch and Restore. You will need a resistance band and 1 or 2 kg weights.  

You have the ability to make significant changes to your health and wellbeing through your diet, but also by including and trying new things such as fasting and breathing techniques. The aim is to ‘alkaline’ (as opposed to ‘acidify’) your body so that you shine from the outside and feel amazing inside.

By week two, both your sleep and digestion will have improved and you will be feeling the rewards of your commitment to the Challenge.  By the end of the 30 days, you should feel the best you have felt in a long time, with more energy and balanced moods, plus a smooth tummy and defined cheekbones as a bonus! 

Are you ready?  – Cost is £100pp

Would you like a mini reset, which is quick and effective at helping you to lose weight, sleep better and gain more energy? Check out our Two Week Reset.