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Heat Fitness is a hot yoga and suspension training studio incorporating circuits and boxing with nutritional programs based on real food without added sugar, limited gluten and lots of greens!

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Alongside our regular classes, we also run workshops in everything from meditation to suspension training for beginners.

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We offer you a full body fitness experience, using the tools we believe will shape, tone, strengthen, stabilise, stretch and challenge you, both mentally and physically. One month with us and you’ll be stronger, fitter and feeling good.


Homepage Testimonials

  • Fiercegrace yoga is my first truly enjoyable experience of exercise. The focus required to fully pay attention to your body and the practice takes your mind away from any distractions or worries.

  • Heat Fitness hot yoga sessions are a full body workout. I find myself able to move into positions with their careful instruction. The gentle encouragement that accompanies the session allows a total switch off from everything 'outside' as the yoga becomes a moving meditation. It's challenging and I love it.

  • After your classes I feel energised, ready to take on anything and 2 inches taller!!

  • Your hot yoga classes are like getting a weekly massage.


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